You’re Disgusting! Sina Rambo Exposed By Estranged Wife For Kn*cking Their Househelp

The estranged wife of Davido’s cousin Sina Rambo, Heidi Korth, has slammed her husband for allegedly kn*cking their househelp leading to their breakup.

Korth attacked Rambo in a series of Instagram posts revealing that he’s plotting with their househelp to kill her!

The embittered wife claimed that she brought the househelp to their home and paid her N30,000 monthly, only for her husband to start cheating with her.

Korth claims she gave her househelp N50,000 two days ago when she told her she wanted to quit only for her to go to Sina and start sn*tching.

She wrote: “This is the house help Sina Adeleke has been sleeping with. A girl I brought from Lagos to my house, fed, gave her a bed to sleep and gave her 50,000 naira day before yesterday when she said she wanted to leave. Her salary is 35,000 (naira).

“She went back to him and is revealing information to him so he can send gunmen to come and kill me and my family. peace Paul and Sina Adeleke. You both are disgusting and GOD will punish you. Look at this dirty girl, Sina you are disgusting,”

Korth also shared chats from her husband accusing her of beating their 8-month-old baby. She claims the househelp fed him with those lies.

Check out Sina Rambo wife calling him out for sleeping with his househelp below…

Sina Rambo wife

Sina Rambo wife

Davido’s cousin, Adesina Adeleke popularly known as Sina Rambo, married Delectable Heidi Korth in a private ceremony in October 2021.

Their marriage crashed in December 2022 after she accused her estranged husband of violence.

She accused Sina’s sister of also assaulting her.

Korth also called out Sina for allegedly owing her some money.

In a series of posts, she wrote, “After having a caesarian section and him rushing me out the hospital because he couldn’t get no weed. I had COVID=19 in labour, after my CS.

“I left the hospital this n*gg* ain’t help with no chores! Three days after caesarean (section), you told me to cook rice for you. You can’t even make tea yourself! SMH!

“During pregnancy, I was turned into a nanny! Nine months pregnant, (I was) bending and cleaning house up and down because he can’t even pick up after himself. But truly, venting this now, I be mumu.

“For y’all saying keep it private, the marriage is over and that’s why I am finally saying this. No, I will not succumb to abuse. I am not that girl, it’s enough.”

Sina and his wife welcomed their baby, Lola, in May 2022.


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