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What Stop SA fans from Doing the Same for Naija HMS? – Netizens Blow Hot As Tsatsii Fans In Nigeria Gift Her N3.5m and Other Gifts

Nigerian social media users have blown the alarm over too much love being shown to South African BBTitans housemates.

Ex-housemate Tsatsii was recently showered with much love by her fans in Nigeria after her recent trip here.

Tsatsii received tons of gifts from fans including N3.5m cash, a MacBook and other gifts!

The heartwarming gesture touched Tsatsii’s heart but Nigerians on social media are not too happy.

Comments spotted by Nigeriabombshell.com shows some disgruntled Nigerian fans complaining about a disparity in love shown to South African housemates in Nigeria as opposed to Nigerian housemates in South Africa.

One fan said; “Okay. All you South Africans coming to Nigeria yo get gifts and money. Oya oo.. make una come dey go, e don do. I will advise Nigerians not to audition for this BBtitan again because it’s obviously for the S.A. They only used Nigerians to sell,”

Another aired a similar complaint: “What stop SA fans from during same for d Nigeria HMS or was it bcos they couldn’t wait n start rushing back to their country.. I think SA housemates are smarter,”

Watch the video of Tsatsii receiving gifts from her fans below…

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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