Uche Ogbodo’s Dirty Past Exposed After Allegedly Harassing 8-month Pregnant Woman And Snatching Her Hubby

Blogger Cutie Juls has exposed the dirty past of newly married actress Uche Ogbodo after allegedly snatching an 8-month pregnant lady’s husband.

Ogbodo allegedly called the pregnant woman and warned her to stay away from her own husband!

The blogger claims she harassed the lady and snatched the husband, leaving the soon-to-be new mom to fend for herself.

Interestingly, actress Uche Elendu allegedly introduced Ogbodo to the married man, her cousin.

Cutie Juls claims karma would come for Ogbodo in her new marriage unless she apologises to the lady involved!

Check out the blogger’s post below…

“Dear Mama Bunny, do you remember this lady? Madam Nkoli. The lady who was newly married and 8 months pregnant with her first child when you called her to stay away from her own husband? It’s bad enough that Uche Elendu agreed to hook you up with her husband’s cousin who was newly married. But it’s worse that you went on the guy’s phone, picked the guy’s wife’s number, called her to tell her to move on and that her husband is now your boyfriend and 2 of you will soon be getting married.

“Wow! When Nkoli asked you who you are and what gave you the effrontery to call her phone and warn her to stay away from her own husband, you were even bragging about you being nollywood actress bla bla. Uche wow! Just wow!

“Since this lady started telling her story, I understood why you are supporting Judy. Uche, if you know what’s good for you, find a way to apologise to this lady. Cuz the things you did to her is still fresh on her mind.

“I would have prayed you suffer the same fate in your marriage but that will be a waste of prayer cuz I don’t wish this your husband for lady. The stress will be too much for the person,”

Uche Ogbodo Bride price

Recall Ogbodo recently married Bobby Florentus Ugwoegbu, popularly known as Bobby Marris.

Uche Ogbodo allegedly paid her own bride price after consistently trashing marriage in her online rants.

Controversial blogger, Cutie Juls, alleges Ogbodo financed her wedding and paid her own bride price.

This internet eehn! Person who say ‘who marriage help?’ ended up paying her own bride price so she can become a married woman,” the blogger wrote.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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