Davido and Tiwa Savage Relationship – A Full Timeline

Davido and Tiwa Savage relationship has hit the rocks as the popular singer has dragged in the police after claiming Davido threatened her!

Popular singer Tiwa Savage has petitioned the Nigerian police to hold Davido accountable if anything happens to her after he allegedly threatened her.

Tiwa in a letter to the Lagos State Police Command revealed Davido has threatened her life after she took a photo with Sophia Momodu and posted it online.

She said due to this threat, Davido should be held responsible if anything happens to her.

The letter, which effectively ends Davido and Tiwa Savage relationship, reads…

Dear Sir,


I am writing to bring to your attention a distressing situation involving myself, Tiwatope Omolara Savage, popularly known as Tiwa Savage and MR. DAVID ADELEKE popularly known as Davido.

On the 23rd of December, I made a post which included myself and Sophia Momodu on my Instagram Story- a feature on Instagram which allows you to put up a post for twenty-four hours, and MR. DAVID ADELEKE sent messages to my manager who’s also part of his management team that I shouldn’t worry and should never say a word to him and that I was taunting him, uttering very disrespectful, malicious and derogatory words to my person.

I responded to MR. DAVID ADELEKE’s message and told him not to reach out to me especially as I feel like I have been there for him and his daughter, Imade and more importantly when he lost his son.

The events of that day have also led to a barrage of calls and messages from our mutual connections, asking me what I did to MR. DAVID ADELEKE that he’s upset that I choose to maintain a relationship with Imade’s mother, Sophia Momodu who he’s having issues with and also painting the exchange to look like I was the aggressor. He has also told our mutual connections to warn me to “becareful in Lagos because he was going to f**k me up”.

This is beginning to feel like some form of online and offline harassment not just to me but also members of my team.

The actions of MR. DAVID ADELEKE are unethical and can be viewed as a direct threat to my rights to life, privacy and dignity of my person as guaranteed in Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), and are also in contravention of Section 24(2)(a) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, Etc.) Act, 2015.

I therefore would like to make this complaint, and to state that in the event that anything untoward or harmful were to happen to me or any member of my family, I will like the members of the Nigerian Police Force to hold MR. DAVID ADELEKE responsible.

I am available to answer any questions or provide any additional information regarding this

Please find attached screenshot images of the exchange between myself and MR. DAVID ADELEKE for your perusal.

Thank you in anticipation of your prompt response and attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely,


Popularly Known as Tiwa Savage

Check the letter below…

Davido and Tiwa Savage relationship

davido and tiwa savage relationship

Davido and Tiwa Savage relationship have been very cordial over the years but crashed recently.

It all began when Davido and Tiwa unfollowed each other on Instagram on Saturday, January 6th 2024.

The news was shocking considering Davido and Tiwa Savage have had a magnificent relationship, particularly due to their children, Imade Adeleke and Jamil Balogun, being the best of friends.

Imade Adeleke and Jamil Balogun

Both children attended the same school and had been seen on several occasions enjoying each other’s company.

However, things have gone wrong recently especially as Davido’s relationship with Imade’s mum, Sophia, has become more estranged.

Sophia and Tiwa Savage have remained great friends and that seems to have impacted the latter’s relationship with Davido.

Things got so bad that recently, Teebillz, who is Tiwa’s baby daddy, came out to threaten Davido.

”I’m not doing back and forth with you! It’s clear your money can’t buy you sense!! My message was well read and clear! Let your stupidity be at the detriment or your daughter!” he wrote.

“You got billions but your daughter is suffering bcos of your foolishness.you should be ashamed of yourself! I’m in LA but I have a better relationship with my son… F#ck with the mother of my son one more time pls!!!”

He added: “After much pleading with Sophia to let you see your daughter and she agreed with lighter conditions…….. “Tee Billz dey beg to talk to you” is the narrative from your ungrateful, Evil soul… I told you those idiots that you surround yourself with are your major problems! You haven’t seen your daughter for 2 Christmas 1 birthday and no one in your camp could advise you that’s hell of wrong…. The Narrative of Sophia doesn’t want you to see your daughter will be exposed with receipts! No more bullying the poor lady… #UNGRATEFUL

“I thought i sensed a true cry for help of a Father, dying to see his daughter I dint know I was dealing with a senseless Frog Head…

“I gave you too many chances behind closed doors not to Fuck with my Kindness! You going to need more ppl on your Management & PR Team….. Daddy Can’t Save You on This One Boy! You f#cked with the wrong person DAVID ADELE…..

“I’m just getting warmed up! It’s not a Threat like I told Bobo….

Teebillz added in another post: “What would you do if some threatened to send boys to the Mother of your son and this is the third time he’s bullied her……. you tried respectfully to reach out and the response is Arrogance and Nonchalant pls???”

Sophia Momodu

davido sophia drugs

Sophia Momodu, who is at the heart of the break in the Davido and Tiwa Savage relationship, is the baby mama of the Nigerian artist.

The two have had a controversial relationship from the beginning which has deteriorated since Davido and Chioma became an exclusive couple.

Recollect at the start of their relationship, Davido did not want to be with Sophia and even wrote an essay revealing how he ‘hated’ her and how irresponsible she was as a mother.

This is what Davido wrote about his own baby mama – Sophia Momodu.

The essay says: “A month after Imade was born… Sophia was missing and lusting for the streets of Lagos, especially the glitzy night life.

She often left Imade home for clubbing, binge drinking and a life of debauchery and deviant living. She would sleep all day and party all night. When awake, she was addicted to the telephone and cannabis. She paid the baby no attention at all and seemed to despise motherhood and parenting.

Imade was in her custody for 2 straight months, unchallenged and uninterrupted, until the baby took badly and severely ill in July. Imade cried, ceaselessly, for 48 hours.

She was rushed to the hospital where her condition confounded medical experts. Several tests were conducted on her and later on the mother. Medical reports, herein attached (exhibit 1), proved that Sophia’s blood was polluted to the maximum level with cannabis and she had by the process of breast feeding infected her child with complicated medical conditions associated with the use of alcohol and especially cannabis.

The trouble spot for Imade was her lungs. She had difficulty breathing largely because of the contaminated breast milk and the severity of the “Second Smoke” of marijuana inhaled by the poor child.

The medical experts at the hospital were enraged by the callous treatment of Imade by her own mother and declared her unfit for the caring and the nursing of a delicate baby.

The team determined that they would hand over the baby to the Children’s Welfare Authority of Lagos State Government. My family started to plead with the hospital management. For the first time, Sophia too was sober, sorry and contrite. We pleaded that the baby would be kept from the mother once she was returned to us, and that we would take over responsibilities for Imade’s welfare.

Voluntarily, Sophia, in the attempt to avoid the handing over of the baby to the children welfare authority, agreed to a compromise position that she would transfer Imade to the Adeleke family until the cannabis in the systems of both mum and daughter was completely out and comprehensively cleaned out,”

Davido and Tiwa Savage

davido and tiwa savage

David Adedeji Adeleke OON (born November 21, 1992), who is professionally known as Davido, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer.

He is widely regarded as one of the most important Afrobeats artists of the 21st century.

He is credited alongside Burna Boy and Wizkid for popularizing afrobeats globally.

Davido was born in Atlanta, United States, and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

He made his music debut as a member of the group KB International.

Davido studied business administration at Oakwood University before dropping out to make beats and record vocal references.

He rose to fame after releasing “[Dami Duro]”, the second single from his debut studio album Omo Baba Olowo (2012), from which six additional singles—”Back When”, “Ekuro”, “Overseas”, “All of You”, “Gbon Gbon” and “Feel Alright”—were taken.

In 2012, Davido won the Next Rated award at The Headies. Between 2013 and 2015, he released the hit singles “Gobe”, “One of a Kind”, “Skelewu”, “Aye”, “Tchelete (Goodlife)”, “Naughty”, “Owo Ni Koko”, “The Sound” and “The Money”.

In January 2016, Davido announced on Twitter he had signed a record deal with Sony Music and a few months later, he founded the record label Davido Music Worldwide.

In July 2016, Davido signed a record deal with Sony’s RCA Records and in October the same year, he released the five-track Extended Play (EP) Son of Mercy, which was supported by the singles “Gbagbe Oshi”, “How Long” and “Coolest Kid in Africa”.

Davido released his second studio album A Good Time in November 2019; it was supported by the previously released singles “If”, “Fall”, “Assurance”, “Blow My Mind” and “Risky”.

In 2019, New African magazine listed Davido as one of the 100 most-influential Africans.

Tiwatope Omolara Savage (born 5 February 1980), known professionally as Tiwa Savage, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and actress who has been called the Queen of Afrobeats.

Savage sings in English and Yoruba; her music is a blend of afrobeats, R&B, afropop, pop and hip-hop.

Savage’s contributions to the Nigerian music industry have earned her several achievements.

Born in Isale Eko, she relocated to London at the age of 11 for her secondary education.

Five years later, she began her music career doing backup vocals for artists such as George Michael and Mary J. Blige.

After participating in the UK edition of The X Factor and graduating from Berklee College of Music, Savage signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing in 2009.

Inspired by the growth of the Nigerian music industry, Savage moved back to Nigeria and signed with Mavin Records in 2012. She made an appearance on the label’s 2012 compilation album Solar Plexus.

Her debut studio album Once Upon a Time was released on 3 July 2013.

It was supported by seven singles: “Kele Kele Love”, “Love Me (3x)”, “Without My Heart”, “Ife Wa Gbona”, “Folarin”, “Olorun Mi” and “Eminado”. The album was nominated for Best Album of the Year at the 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards and for Best R&B/Pop Album at The Headies 2014.

Savage’s second studio album, titled R.E.D, was released on 19 December 2015.

In June 2016, Savage signed a management and publishing deal with Roc Nation.

In September 2017, she released her debut EP Sugarcane. R.E.D and Sugarcane have both been nominated for Best Album at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

In November 2018, Savage won Best African Act at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards, becoming the first woman to win the category.

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