Shameless Lady Who Leaves her Husband’s House to Borrow Her Sister’s Clothes – Laura Ikeji Dragged

Laura Ikeji, sister of popular blogger Linda Ikeji, has been dragged for allegedly borrowing her sister’s clothes to wear despite being a married woman.

Laura was dragged over hot coals after deciding to attack beloved actress, Iyabo Ojo, her fellow Real Housewives of Lagos cast member.

In a video clip going viral, Laura Ikeji was heard attacking Ojo.

According to her, Iyabo Ojo always wears fake designer clothes.

“Fake a** b*tch. Fake Fendi, fake Prada fake Balenciaga,” she cursed.

She added that Iyabo should feel even privileged to be in her presence.

Her bragging didn’t impress social media users and they dragged her over hot coal.

“Iyabo wears fakes we know but Laura also wears her sister wardrobe too, imagine leaving your husbands house to borrow your sisters things to wear, both women 🚮,” one netizen wrote.

Another said: “U wey dey call Person f@ke, everything about u is more than f&ke.. very lousy wanna be brat. Who even put u on this program to rub shoulder with aunty iyabo?. Who sabi u?.. u self don follow be celebrity, Abi?. 😂 odiegwu oo,”

Watch Laura Ikeji slam Iyabo Ojo below…


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