Princess Vanexxa – Popular Tiktok Influencer Dies After Tough Battle Against Depression

Princess Vanexxa, a popular TikTok influencer from Warri has died after a battle with depression.

The late Princess Vanexxa often spoke about her childhood struggles in her content on the video-sharing platform, including s#xual abuse, r#pe, child grooming, and being homeless at the age of 17.

In some other videos, she shared how her battle with depression forced her into trying new lifestyles, including smoking.

It appears despite attempting to fight her demons by sharing her story online, Princess Vanexxa could not overcome her depression.

Several social media posts have confirmed her passing.

In a post on Twitter, a musician revealed that Princess Vanexxa had died due to depression – Vanexxa was a talented singer herself.

“Lost an influencer in warri to the cold hands of Death because of Depression.

“People are going through things no one can understand even if they try to do and make it seem like it is nothing. 

“A Depressed mind is most likely just walking but dead inside,” the social media user wrote on X.

Another post celebrated the late Tiktoker: “Princess Vanexxa was a proper talented artiste first, the influencing part was one of those many tiktok viral happenstance.  I did my best making sure her sound got heard by many on the radio. RIP,”

GossipMill Naija also shared her sad story, writing: “So Sad!!! Popular Young TikToker, Princess Vanexxa who has been Battling Depression has passed away 💔💔 May Her Gentle Soul RIP, Amen 🙏🏿”

Check out the posts below…

Social media users expressed anger that Vanexxa was not supported when alive but now being posted after her death.

“So gossipmill posted Vanexxa. And I said to myself, an average Nigerian will never support you! If you like be as talented as Michael Jackson. But you see the two times you get celebrated are on a death day or birthday.

“This should stop in 2024. Enough! Learn to always celebrate yourselves begin with your next door neighbor,” an angry netizen wrote.


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