Popular Nigerian Influencer Destiny Tragically Dies After Liposuction Surgery Gone Wrong

A Nigerian social media influencer identified as Destiny (last name withheld) has sadly died after failed liposuction surgery.

Destiny went in for the now-popular liposuction and body enhancement surgeries but wasn’t lucky as her surgery went wrong.

She developed complications and sadly lost her life.

Pretty Nigerian influencer Destiny dies from failed liposuction surgery with a friend narrating what happened in a series of social media posts.

“It was 4 days after the lady’s surgery, infact she was supposed to go home that day. But in the morning around like past 5, the lady started complaining of breathing issues. The nurses and Drs immediately came around & started attending to her, giving her oxygen and plenty things then it started looking like she wa getting better but they didn’t want to risk it. (I think bcos of past history).

“They called one other place outside (I suspect an ICU) that was around them & those people came and carried her away.

My sx sis insists that the lady left the hospital alive & that even though, she was not breathing so well, that she was alive and talking very well. Asking where her phone was and all.

“She said if anything at all happened that it was not in the hospital.

Another post showed a beautiful photo of the deceased with the caption: “Rest in peace girl she is so beautiful,”

A video also surfaced online, showing the moment she was sick at the hospital and her burial after she die.

Watch the story of Destiny, a Nigerian influencer who died in botched liposuction surgery below…


Hospital Releases Statement About Destiny – Lady Who died from Plastic Surgery

Lagos-based hospital, Cynosure Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinics has reacted to the allegations of negligence following the death of a 20-year-old lady from a failed liposuction plastic surgery.

The hospital denied she died on their premises and said their procedure remains safe.

The statement reads;

“Good day everyone. On the March 14, 2023, we made a press release regarding the current issue making rounds on social media. We, once again, deeply commiserate with the family of the deceased.

It has become necessary to clear the air on some misinformation and wrong assumptions. We are aware that it is reasonable to speculate that fat embolism was the most likely cause of her sudden onset of breathlessness.

However, we wish to state the following:
“A CT Pulmonary Angiogram (CPA) was conducted the same day the client arrived at the ICU and the result showed there was NO PULMONARY EMBOLISM. By the way, a CPA is the gold standard for diagnosing PULMONARY EMBOLISM (whether for fat, blood clot or air embolism).

“Till date, we have no records of pulmonary embolism of any kind, to the glory of God, despite the number of surgeries done so far. The deceased was the third client to ever be referred to an ICU with the previous two, being successfully managed at the same reputable ICU Hospital which is within 10 mins drive from our facility.

“Samples have been sent for COVID-19 testing on account of her recent travel history, as well as some features seen on the CTPA. We enjoin the general public to show more respect to the family of the deceased and refrain from sharing the extremely sensitive videos which have been released by her ‘friends’ for reasons best known to them.”

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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