Only Peter Obi Can Save ‘Sick’ Nigeria – Peter Okoye

Famous Nigerian music artist, Peter Okoye has declared that Nigeria is currently sick and can only be healed by Peter Obi.

The Afro-beat star, who admonished Nigerians to vote wisely in next month’s presidential election, described the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi as the only doctor needed to heal the country.

In a series of tweets on his verified Twitter handle, the singer, who is popularly known as Mr P, urged eligible voters to jettison tribalism and vote a capable leader who would tackle the country’s numerous challenges.

He wrote, “Vote wisely Nigeria is very sick and very ill already, and for those who decide to be tribal bigots by bringing tribal and ethnicity towards 2023, ask yourselves, where is Nigeria today?

“How did we get here? Who are those that put us in this present mess?

“Nigeria is sick already and needs healing right now. And the only doctor is @PeterObi inshala . Vote wisely! Vote @NgLabour”.

Source: Daily Post Ng

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