Nigerian Man Kicked Out of UK As Wife Cancels His Dependent Visa After He Caught her Cheating

A Nigerian man has lamented how he’s being kicked out of the UK after his wife cancelled his dependent visa when he caught her cheating.

The man, who remains unidentified, revealed that his wife is cheating on him and getting ready to marry another man.

She has also decided to cancel his dependent visa to make him get kicked out of the UK.

Screenshots of messages the man has sent out to friends looking for help has hit social media.

The message reads: “I’m in a serious dilemma, my wife cancelled my visa after I found out about her affair with another man.

“She currently wants to marry the man so she filed for a divorce and notified the homeoffice.

Currently, the Home Office has notified the Nigerian man that he should get out of the UK by October 23rd 2023.


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