Nedu Wazobia Exposes Popular Female BBNaija Star After Kn*cking Big Man For N10m

Popular media personality, Nedu Wazobia caused a stir with an expose on a popular female BBNaija star after kn*cking a Nigerian big man for N10m.

Nedu, speaking on his show, said he linked this female superstar to a rich friend who slept with her for $15,000.

He said prior to that, the friend paid her N3m just to sit down and have a chat!

Altogether, the popular BB Naija star made close to N10m from Nedu’s rich friend.

The popular media personality refused to name the star involved but revealed she is a very popular former BBNaija star.

 Nedu also recounted how he met two influencers and celebrities having thr**some with his rich friend.

According to the OAP, the incident happened in Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja, where he walked in on the two famous influencers and his rich friend.

“I have walked in once on some of your influencers/celebrities two of them having a threesome with somebody I know,” he said.

Yes I said it. I have walked in on two of your favorite influencers/celebrities in Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. They saw me and they expect me to respect them and I respect them enough not to mention their names”. Nedu Wazobia added.

Listen to Nedu expose popular BBNaija female star below…

Nedu Wazobia is a Nigerian on-air personality, broadcast journalist, TV presenter, actor, comedian and content creator.

nedu expose bbnaija

He is known for his pidgin rendition of the daily news on popular radio station Wazobia FM 94.1 Lagos.

Nedu was born in Kaduna, Nigeria. After studying accounting at Madonna University in Anambra state, he had his NYSC in Jigawa at a radio station as an on air personality.

After 2 years working as a site manager in Abuja, he moved to Lagos to fulfil his age-long dream of being a broadcaster and entertainer.[2]


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