Na This Girl Kill Ifeanyi with Juju -Sophia Momodu Dragged After Taking Davido to Police

Davido’s baby mama Sophia Momodu has been accused of causing the death of his son Ifeanyi using ‘juju’.

Social media users dragged Sophia after news dropped that she had dragged Davido to the police for alleged threats and cyberbullying.

In a letter from Sophia’s lawyers, they have warned Davido to stop harassing and threatening her and also petitioned the police for protection.

Read the letter below…swipe

The letter has elicited heated reactions from fans with some supporting Davido and some supporting Sophia.

“Na this girl kill ifanyin with juju … truth be told,” one netizen wrote.

Another said: “I won’t be surprised if this girl jubilated while Ifeanyin passed, painting a good picture but efin ni iwa, kose Fi pamo,”

However, Sophia also had her defenders.

“Nothing davido will do wrong in his fans eyes , they just think once u are a celebrity u can’t be wrong in anyway,” one netizen wrote.


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