More Wahala for Caramel Plugg as Boyfriend King Manny Spotted In Maldives with New Sidechick

Life remains hot for Nigerian media and online personality Caramel Plugg as her boyfriend continues to cheat on her.

King Manny was allegedly spotted on holiday in the Maldives with a lady who was not Caramel Plugg.

Gossip blogger Cutie Juls exposed the cheating scum.

She wrote: “It seems Manny is cheating on Caramel with his new babe.

They were in Maldives recently.

But I thought babe was recently f!ghting her baby daddy tho. Hope it’s not Manny’s fault.

Her 2 babies are pretty tho.

Men no go gree make babe keep belle and will still leave babe for mother of 2.

What do men really want?”

Check out the post below…


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