Lilian Esoro Dumped Ubi Franklin After Catching Him Knacking Lily Afe – Juicy Gist Drops

Nigerians hailed actress Lilian Esoro for swift action after blogger Cutie Juls revealed she dumped Ubi Franklin after discovering he cheated with Lily Afe.

According to the blogger, Lilian discovered the cheating and decided she was done with the marriage.

However, she apparently never told Ubi why she wanted a divorce but just walked out of the marriage.

Ubi Franklin Lilian Esoro divorce

The Nigerian music executive and actress got married in a lavish wedding in 2015.

However, they abruptly sought divorce a year later.

Cutie Juls revealed the backstory to that divorce in a recent post on Instagram.

The blogger wrote: “Those that have been following Cutie for years will remember our gist about how Ubi was gbenzing Lily and almost every Lagos boy who attempted to be with Lily heard this gist. Even all the babes sef know this gist.

“We broke it some few years ago. Omo, we only confirmed recently that the time it happened, Ubi was still married to Lilian Esoro as in they were under same roof as husband and wife 

“To Lily Afe and Ubi Franklin, they both thought and believed all this while that Lilian Esoro who was that the time of the incident Mrs Ekapong didn’t know about the extra marital affair then. But wow apparently she knew and low and behold, that was one of the main reasons she didn’t want the marriage again. I swear, I dey fear Lilian Esoro.. 

“Do you know she never mentioned or confronted Ubi about it till date. Like Ubi sef doesn’t know why Lilian Esoro broke up with him and went ahead to leave his house. 

“Apparently Lilian decided one day that I am no more giving you my kpekus to knack again and Ubi never got a reason till date…His wife Lilian gave him no reason she just told him no more knacking again and this was during the time she was pregnant with their child and even after giving birth she never gave him kpekus again till they finally went their separate ways. “Whatever feelings she had for apparently d#ed the day she found out that Ubi was knacking Lily Afe Biko, this is not amebo.. it’s heat wave syndrome. 😩😩😩 goodnight,”

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