Kingsley Okereke Gay – Popular Nollywood Producer Allegedly Knacks Actors For Roles

Popular Nollywood producer and director, Kingsley Okereke is allegedly gay, notorious Instagram gossip blog, Cutie Juls alleged in an explosive post.

According to the blogger, Mr Kingsley Okereke is one of the gay men who are hiding their s*xuality as recently alleged by Maureen Esisi aka Red Vigor.

H*mos*xuality among Nollywood stars has become the topic of discussion following the Fancy Acholonu-Alexx Ekubo nasty breakup.

Fancy recently claimed Alexx never touched her in five years of their relationship, giving credence to rumours he is gay.

Following that, actor Blossom Chukwujekwu‘s ex-wife Red Vigor alleged he was gay and said there are a large number of hom*s*xuals hiding in Nollywood who are destroying women’s lives with their s*xuality because society forces them to hide.

Red Vigor wrote: “If the Presidency/Nigeria can’t find it necessary to legalize being gay, so that these mFs can live their lives normally then there should be a gigantic penalty for the monsters who knowing their s*xuality, still go ahead to marry/trap their opposite s*x (victims) refuse them their responsibility, heavily manipulate them and shatter their mental health and self worth,”

“Traumatize them heavily then divorce them only to run along to the next victim and act like they done nothing. It should be life imprisonment. NB: And it be the self-acclaimed Jesus Babies doing this shit. All the damn time.”

On the back of that, Cutie Juls has also come out to allege Kingsley Okereke is gay!

Is Kingsley Okereke gay?

kingsley okereke

Controversial Instagram blogger, Cutie Juls alleges that the popular Nollywood actor and director Kingsley Okereke is gay!

The blogger shared a photo of the popular producer on its timeline on Tuesday, January 3rd 2022 with a stunning allegation.

Cutie Juls claimed Okereke is secretly h*mos*xual and that he uses his position to take advantage of upcoming actors who need movie roles by knacking them.

The blogger added he’s bis*xual as well because he knacks married women on the side too!

“Mr Kingley Okereke, Chief initiator and Head of Agaygay bread ventures, Igbo Nollywood boys staff quarters. This message is proudly brought to you by give me your back make I knack, I will make you a big in Nollywood.

By the way, sadly other people’s wives are not left out too so it’s a BI something. The time now is 13:35 GMT. Otilor 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😩” Cutie Juls wrote.

Who Is Kingsley Okereke?

He is a top Nollywood actor, producer and director, known for movies such as Igbotic Love (2014), The End of Sleepwalker Part 1 (2009) and The End of Sleepwalker Part 2 (2009).

He has over 82 movies to his credit as a producer, 12 as an actor and 3 as a director, according to IMDB.

Kingsley Okereke Net Worth

Kingsley’s networth is around $12m, according to


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