I Wear Biggie’s Strike with Pride, I’ll Do It Over and Over Again – Saga Tells Nini

BB Naija star Saga has told his ‘wife’ Nini that he has no regrets refusing Biggie’s task to prank her and he’ll do it over and over again.

Saga says even doing Biggie’s task was a betrayal of Nini and he feels sorry for that.

According to him: “”That task Big Brother gave me, I betrayed you. I don’t regret my decision to break it. I will wear that strike with pride. I will do it over and over again,”

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Saga was given a task by Big Brother to pick a fight with Nini and avoid her for two days.

After just a day, Saga could not stand seeing Nini sad and told her it was a task from Big Brother.

That led to Big Brother punishing Saga and issuing him his 2nd strike in the house. Nini also got her 1st strike.

According to Saga however, he regrets nothing and will do what he did over and over again.


Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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