How Patience Ozokwor Forced Me To Stop Dressing Like A Cheap Ash*wo – Mercy Johnson Narrates

Actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie revealed she only stopped dressing like a cheap h**ker after receiving some timely advice from senior colleague Patience Ozokwor.

Mercy, who was well-known for wearing clingy clothes barring sensitive parts of her body during her younger days, said the veteran actress convinced her to embrace decency for the sake of her future kids.

The mother of four confessed she was lucky to have received the life-changing admonition albeit, noted she learned the hard way.

Do you remember when you were younger before you got married when I told you that the photos u take today, your children will see them tomorrow and immediately the kind of lifestyle you lived,” Ozokwor said during an episode of Mercy’s cook show, ‘Mercy’s Menu’.

Affirming the statement, the 38-year-old actress responded: “Yes you did, you told me Mercy dress properly, you will have kids and when they grow up, they will ask you, why are you looking this way, yes I remember, I’m lucky but still learned the hard way really”.

Watch Mercy Johnson and Patience Ozokwor discussion below…

Mercy Johnson Okojie is a Nigerian actress, film director and film producer She went to a Rivers State Secondary School for her secondary education in addition to the Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Johnson married Prince Odianosen Okojie on 27 August 2011. The couple have four children.

Patience Ozokwor is a Nigerian veteran musician, fashion designer, gospel singer, and actress. She won the Best Supporting Actress 2012 & 2013 award at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Ozokwor is known for taking the role of a wicked woman in most of her movies.

In 2014, Patience Ozokwor was among the top 100 Nigerians honored by the government to celebrate the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates.


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