Gistlover Exposes Homewrecker Medlin Boss For Destroying Her Own Sister’s Relationship and Making Her Mad

Nigerian celebrity fashion stylist, Mimi Linda Yina, popularly known as Medlin Boss, allegedly wrecked her own sister’s marriage and made her fall sick!

Notorious blogger Gistover revealed the news as the latest in his ongoing expose of Medlin.

The blogger revealed that Medlin Boss, who has been trending for wrecking her best friend Nimi Nwofor’s marriage, also did something similar to her own sister plus a host of others.

When Medlin started getting close to Nimi, her sister allegedly called Nimi to warn her about Medlin Boss’ track record of destroying marriages.

Best friend Nimi rather told Medlin who angrily arranged for her sister’s Oyinbo boyfriend to sleep with her and wrecked their relationship.

Gistlover laims since then, Medlin Boss’ sister has not been ok as she’s been sick and has never recovered.

Check out Gistlover’s explosive report on Medlin Boss and her sister below…


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