Drake Won’t Leave 22-year-Old Beauties for A 40+ year old Woman With Horrendous BBL – Fans Rubbish Toke Makinwa’s Drake Crush

Media personality Toke Makinwa did not get it easy after revealing she has a massive crush on Canadian singer/rapper Drake.

Social media users mocked her for her crush as they said she can never have Drake in a million years!

She was advised to find someone more feasible to crush on.

Toke Makinwa initially wrote: “I have had a massive crush on Drake for so many years, I connect with the things he says”

A netizen replied: “Thinking that Drake will leave hundreds of 22 year olds in his DMs for a 40+ woman like you with a horrendous bbl is peak delusion & fooling. Toke Makinwa, even Sabinus no fit reason your matter,” the netizen wrote.

Toke fired back: “Imagine being related to someone who tweets/ thinks like this??? God abeg o. Your mother should have swallowed cos this is a sorry excuse of a human being. Do better,”

Check out her banter with fans below…

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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