‘Deep In Your Heart You’re A Devil’ – Bobrisky Continues Gbas Gbos with Tonto

Bobrisky has fired back at Tonto Dikeh as the two former besties continue their never-ending war of words.

According to Bob, Tonto is a devil deep down in her heart, she has just been hiding it well.

Bobrisky vowed that eventually, the world would find out how devilish Tonto actually is and they would all abandon her to her fate.

Bob wrote: “You can only pretend to your followers who you are not…but deep down inside your heart, you are a devil who treat people like they are nothing.

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“I won’t be sad about people comments saying you a bad friend, naaa, I’m sure if they know your real self they will all unfollow ur a**.

“Keep pretending to be good, keep deceiving people, I know na your followers go still castigate you when they finally know who you are.”


Her comment comes after Tonto shared a post responding to an earlier attack from Bobrisky.

Tonto said she doesn’t have time for nonsense, which seems to have triggered Bobrisky.

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Bobrisky started this whole fight earlier today when after Tonto Dikeh posted a motivational message on her wall, she shaded her in a post that upon l her motivational messages, she has never found a man to settle down with.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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