Davido Net Worth on Display as He Flaunts Massive Banana Island Mansion and His Multiple Luxury Cars

Ever wonder what Davido net worth was in 2021? That’s the last period it was calculated – read on to find out more about OBO’s insane riches.

Nigerian singer Davido has gotten fans talking after releasing a video flaunting his massive Banana Island mansion.

Davido showed fans the interior of the mega-mansion.

His multiple luxury cars were also parked in the mansion, giving off a good idea of how wealthy he is.

Davido flaunts massive mansion and cars

The singer shared a video giving a comprehensive look at his house and cars.

The video begins from the exterior of the house and then takes us inside.

Davido has fingerprint scanners on his rooms and your fingerprint has to be keyed in before you can enter.

Therefore, you cannot enter Davido’s house without an invite because your fingerprints would not be accepted.

The video moves into the house and shows off the luxury dripping in all his rooms.

It then takes us outside for a wide shot of Davido driving home in his Lamborghini.

davido net worth

Davido pulls up to his garage and parks it right next to his Rolls Royce.

The videos gives a wide view of the garage area, showing some of Davido’s luxury cars parked all over.

Check out the video below…


Davido Net Worth 2021

Seeing this extravagance is raising questions in your mind right?

You’re wondering – how much exactly is the net worth of Davido?

Numerous calculations exist to check Davido’s net worth, and there is never one that is better than the others.

However, numerous sources place the net worth of Davido between $30-40m.


Fans have expressed awe over Davido’s wealth as displayed in the video.

aeroyung wrote: Some we will still say vanity!

hakeem_swan wrote: If u like get house for mango mainland no post am, nah you know obiyoo for life 😂🖤

official_wendy__ wrote: The house know too fine for outside shaa if nah this one wey I see,but the cares dope 🙌

___mandy.xx wrote: It’s all luxurious & flashy but what if you just need to get inside real quick will you go through these whole process ??😩

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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