Bobrisky Begs Tonto Dikeh As He Faces Legal Challenges – Tonto Refuses to Help

Bobrisky begs Tonto Dikeh as he faces legal challenges, but the actress has refused to help her former bestie.

Bobrisky has run back to Tonto Dikeh for help after dissing and attacking her for the past few weeks.

Shameless Bobrisky has now written an apology to Tonto Dikeh as he faces some legal challenges.

According to him, he doesn’t know what came over him and he hopes Tonto can find it in her heart to forgive him.

He wrote: “Tonto, I humiliated you here so is a must I come back here to apologize for calling you out !!! I honestly didn’t know what came over me, but I later realize I was wrong… pls find it in your heart to forgive me.

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“Yes I might have be there for u as friends, the truth is you were also there for me at some point of my life. Pls find it in ur heart to forgive me once more. We necessarily shouldn’t be friends no more but let me apologize for calling you out.

“To my fans, and to tonto fans I’m sorry many of you are disappointed at me, pls forgive me and I promise never to repeat dis no more. @iamfaithojo mummy thanks for giving me the best advice God bless you ma, you are truly a mother who don’t support evil.”

Legal Challenges – Why Bobrisky is begging Tonto Dikeh

This out of the blue apology comes after popular Kanyamata vendor, Omoshola’s place, revealed that Bobrisky asked her to abort her pregnancy when she told him she was pregnant.

She was pissed that Bobrisky had allegedly sent an audio tape to Instablogger Gistlover in which he alleged that Omoshola’s husband had been deported from Dubai, amidst other allegations.

She revealed that Bobrisky had defrauded her out of over 30m naira and she took the case to the police but Bobrisky’s bestie (Tonto) stood in for her and they took the case out of court and provided Bobrisky with a payment plan.

Bobrisky managed to start a beef with her whilst still owing so she has vowed to take the issue back to court.

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All of a sudden, Bobirksy is now begging Tonto – she obviously needs her help in this case.

King Tonto’s response

Tonto Dikeh has not responded to Bobrisky’s apology apart from posting a cryptic message.

Check her post below…

For the moment, it seems Bobrisky has to face Omoshola’s place in court by himself with no help from Tonto.

Serves him right for betraying her!


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