Beauty Is Barren Due To Drug Abuse – Phyna BBN Sparks Fight

Beauty and Phyna BBN are in a dirty fight once more after the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye winner took a disturbing shot at her disqualified colleague.

A fan of Beauty took a jab at Phyna and accused her of undergoing abortions.

Phyna did not deny the accusation but instead jabbed very hard at the fan and used the chance to take shots at Beauty.

“I just woke up. Wetin dem say e happen. Let’s gist in the comment section,” Phyna said.

A fan replied: “Gist is Beauty na your mama and that’s on period!”

After Phyna replied that with “Happy Mother’s day to Una,”, the netizen clapped back.

Wish I can say the same to you but you’re an abortionist I’ll just sush,” the fan fired back.

Phyna then went nuclear and accused Beauty of a lot of vile things to spark the fight even as she also admitted to two abortions.

“Yes I have had 2 abortions but I don’t do sugar daddies and force small small boys to sleep with me and hoeing around with disease at least I am not barren due to drugs,” Phyna fired.

Beauty Phyna BBN Fight

Phyna and Beauty completely despise each other since they shared a man in the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye house.

Beauty was building a relationship with fellow housemate Groovy until she was disqualified.

Phyna then ‘took over’ and dated Groovy for the entire of the rest of the show.

Since then, they completely attack each other at any least provocation.

Beauty and Phyna clash in South Africa

It has been alleged that Phyna and her South Africa fan base threw a shade at Beauty, by mocking her for being disqualified.

According to reports online, when Phyna fans went to welcome her, they started shouting ‘disqualified’, and instead of Phyna cautioning them, she fueled it more.

She fueled it more and started shouting “I am the only winner here”.

Beauty, who wasn’t impressed with her behaviour, scolded her for it.

She told her to talk to her directly and the two went back and forth arguing.

This prompted Beauty to take to Instagram live to brag about her status.

In a viral video, she could be heard subtly throwing shade at Phyna.

Beauty stated that she isn’t like others who goes about screaming about N100 million.

For her, N100m is a chicken change.

This is just one of a million fights between these two ladies.


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