BB Naija Angel – I Don’t Want to Give Birth, I’ll Marry A Man Who Already has Kids

BB Naija Angel has revealed that she has no interest in giving birth to kids – she feels she’s not in the right mental state for that.

Angel says she would rather marry a man with kids so she does not have to give birth herself.

She was speaking with fellow housemates Cross, Whitemoney, Pere and Queen this morning.

They were having a conversation over their dating preferences.

BB Naija Angel Doesn’t Want Kids

BB Naija Angel shocked her fellow housemates when she declared that she’s not interested in giving birth.

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According to her, she knows for a fact that she is not in the right mental space to get pregnant and go through the full pregnancy experience.

Angel said she has anxiety disorder and other mental issues which would make pregnancy hard for her.

She added that she would definitely suffer postpartum depression if she gets pregnant.

Angel said she would rather marry a man who already has his own kids.

Pere and Cross love older women

Pere and Cross also gave their specifications for the women they want to date.

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They both said they have no problem dating women older than them.

According to them, older women give less stress than younger women.

Angel agreed and said about 80% of older women don’t give stress when they are dating younger guys.

Both Pere and Cross also said their limit for younger girls is 21 years of age.

Queen loves RMD

Queen also said something similar and said she can date older guys.

She said as long as a guy is cute, his age doesn’t matter.

She used Nollywood actor RMD as an example of an older man she is ready to sleep with!


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