Yul Edochie Net Worth and Biography, Children, Daughter, First Wife, New Wife

Yul Edochie is the son of legendary Nigerian actor Pete Edochie and a very accomplished Nollywood actor, director and producer in his own right.

He has become a very prominent voice in the entertainment industry, not to talk of having political ambitions.

Yul is married to May Yul Edochie and has four kids with her.

The actor is currently embroiled in controversy after announcing his second marriage to actress, Judy Austin Muoghalu.

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Read on to find out everything you need to know about Yul Edochie net worth, biography, age, family, first wife, new wife etc.


Yul Edochie

The actor was born Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie on January 7th 1982 to Mr and Mrs Edochie.

Yul was born in Lagos State. His parents named him after famous Russian actor Yul Brynner.

His parents are famous Nollywood legend Pete Edochie and Josephine Edochie.

The actor originally hails from Anambra State, but was born and bred in Lagos State.

He is the last of his parents’ six children, five boys and one girl.

Yul Edochie’s brothers are Leo Edochie, Uche Edochie, Linc Edochie and Gene Edochie.

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He also has a sister.


Yul is 40 years old, having been born on January 7th 1982.



Yul Edochie attended Lillian’s Day Nursery School and Robinson Street Primary School in Enugu between 1984 and 1992.

He moved on to Secondary School, moving between four different secondary schools in Enugu before completion.

Yul attended Marist Brothers’ Juniorate, Uturu University Secondary School, Ecumenical Community Secondary School, and New Haven Boys Secondary School.

He continued to the University of Port Harcourt, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts.


Yul Edochie hails from the Edochie family of Anambra State. 

As stated earlier, his father is Nigerian movie legend Pete Edochie.

Nollywood legend Pete Edochie and son


The actor’s mother is known as Josephine Edochie.


Yul Edochie married May Aligwe in 2004, when the actor was just 22 years old.

Edochie was broke at the time and had nothing, but they married each other out of love and commitment.

The actor revealed this recently during the couple’s 16th-anniversary celebrations.

“I had no sustainable job when I got married. She said she’ll manage. She never frustrated me for one day. It’s been 16years of marriage now. We are happy. Different things work for different people,” he wrote.

Yul Edochie Second Wife

On April 27th 2022, the actor caused a stir when he announced he married a 2nd wife.

Yul Edochie married a new wife, Nollywood actress Judy Austin Moaghalu.

They already welcomed a son, Star Dike Munachismo Yul-Edochie.

Yul reportedly cheated on his first wife May with Judy, before later marrying her.

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They met on the set of several movies they worked together on.

Judy and Yul played lovers in a couple of these movies.

They struck up a friendship from there, with Yul later working as a director for a few of her movies.

Yul Edochie second wife

Yul Edochie Children

Edochie has five children, four with his first wife and one with his second wife.

In all, he has four sons and one daughter.

His sons are named Kambi Edochie, Karl Edochie, Victory Zane Chukwbuike Edochie and Star Dike Edochie. His daughter is named Dani Edochie.

Yul Edochie children
Yul Edochie daughter

Yul Edochie Net Worth

Yul draws in massive revenue from acting, producing and directing Nollywood movies.

He is also a businessman and politician.

Yul Edochie net worth is estimated at $3m.

Yul Edochie second wife photos

Check out some photos of Yul Edochie’s second wife below…

Yul Edochie second wife photos
Judy Austin Muoghalu
Yul Edochie new wife


The actor got his big break in Nollywood at 22 years of age when he landed a role in the movie The Esquires.

His career skyrocketed after appearing alongside Genevieve Nnaji and Desmond Elliot in the movie Wind of Glory in 2007.

He has gone on to appear in hundreds of movies.

Check some Yul Edochie movies below…

Battle of Lions (2020)

My New Wife (2020) 

Prince Charming (2020)

True Royal Blood (2020) 

Click Me (2020) 

Big Paper Boys (2020) 

Painfull Will (2020) 

Run (2020) 

The Single Lady Next Door (2020) 

Moms at War (2018) 

The Billionaire That Ran Mad (2018) 

The Cruel Hand of Justice (2018) 

Enemies Must Bow (2018) 

Rich But No Rest of Mind (2017) 

Love Do Cost A Thing (2017) 

Punishment of the Gods (2017) 

Not an Ordinary Battle (2017) 

The God that Answereth by Fire (2017) 

My Sons Jealous Friends (2017) 

My Bad Criminal Sister (2017) 

The True Heir to the Throne (2017) 

Tears of Royal Blood (2017) 

Mysterious Family (2017) 

What I Fear Most (2017) 

Vanity of Life (2017) 

Tears of Victory (2017) 

The Prince and His Betrothed (2017) 

Rain of Hope (2016) 

The Secret of Riches (2016) 

The Chosen Wife (2016) 

Wicked Hand (2016) 

Cry of a Maid (2016) 

Mysterious Mistress (2016) 

Royal Maid (2015) 

Compound Fools (2015) 

Dowry Man (2015) 

Spirit of Battle (2014) 

The Mirror (2014) 

Innocent Couple (2016) 

Apostles of Lucifer (2014) 

Python Queen (2014) 

Eye of the Eagle (2013) 

Blind Choice (2013) 

Death Certificate (2013) 

Money Kingdom (2013) 

Restless Soul (2013) 

Bridge of Contract (2012) 

The End is Near (2012) 

Against the Law (2012) 

Sarafina (2011) 

Pleasure and Crime (2011) 

Unstoppable (2010) 

Tears of Hope (2009) 

My Loving Heart (2009) 

Kiss My Pain (2008) 

Wind of Glory (2007) 

Sleek Ladies (2007) 

The Exquires (2005)

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