You’re Worthless for Staying with 2Baba – American Lady Blasts Annie after Watching her on Netflix

An American social media user has blasted Annie Idibia as ‘worthless’ for staying with 2Baba through all these years of him cheating.

According to the lady, Annie does not know her worth as a woman and if she did, she would have left her marriage long ago.

The American reviewed Annie Idibia’s appearance on the Netflix show ‘Young, Famous and African’.

Annie made numerous blockbuster revelations about her marriage on that show.

She revealed how heartbroken she is at meeting 2Baba first yet bearing only his 5th child.

Annie addressed the trauma she often faces due to her husband’s womanising.

Her appearance on the show has been very dramatic and garnered lots of reactions.

Many fans sympathise with her suffering, especially female fans.

Many fans call her a ‘strong woman’ due to what she has endured.

However, this American lady flipped the script.

According to her, Annie doesn’t know her worth as a woman.

The lady said she would have left 2Baba a long time ago if she was in Annie’s shoes.

A hurt 2Baba reacted and called her comment ‘phone analysis’.

Watch her below…


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