You’re A Bandit, Return The N10m We Paid You – Drama As Gistlover Exposed Over Alleged Suleman Blackmail

The king of exposing scandals, Gistlover is now wrapped in scandal himself as he’s accused of blackmailing Apostle Suleman for N10m.

Comedian Mr Jollof attacked the blogger in a new video going viral online.

According to him, Gistlover is not a fighter for the downtrodden as he claims but a professional blackmailer.

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Mr Jollof claims that Gistlover was paid N10m by a supporter of Apostle Suleman to bury his claims against the prophet.

Gistlover blackmail

According to Jollof, an elderly lady and diehard follower of Suleman could not bear the constant accusations against him.

She contacted Gistlover and offered to pay him N10m to bury his exposes.

Mr Jollof claims Gistlover received the money after it was paid in cryptocurrency to his wife’s wallet.

However, Mr Jollof says the blogger continued dragging the preacher after receiving the money.

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He said Gistlover is now demanding N50m before letting go of the story.

Mr Jollof tagged Gistlover’s behaviour as that of a bandit!

Mr Jollof

According to him, he’s a thief and blackmailer and should remove the woman’s money or face his wrath.

Mr Jollof gave the blogger 7 days to return the money or he would be exposed to the world.

Watch Mr Jollof accuse Gistlover of blackmail below…

Gistlover has been dragging Apostle Suleman without mercy the past few days over claims of sleeping with Nollywodd actresses.

The preacher hasn’t denied the accusation but threatened to beat Gistlover if they ever meet face-to-face.

Meanwhile, Mr Jollof is also muddying waters with his claims.

This story is far from over – keep checking back on for more updates.


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