‘You Will Die of HIV’ – Troll Attacks Gay Activist Bisi Alimi Unprovoked

A social media troll has attacked Bisi Alimi without any provocation – cursing him that he will die with an HIV?AIDS infection.

The gay rights activist had a post on his social media handles and this troll just jumped into the comments to blast him.

According to the troll, he would die of HIV/AIDS!

Alimi had written: “One day the world will have no choice but to write the closing remark RIP for us.

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“However, there is a world and word after RIP! It’s called ‘legacy’.

“Live now the way you want to be remembered when your RIP comes, cos we are all going to die one day,”

The troll just DM’d him to fire: “You gay f*cker, you die of HIV,”

Bisi posted the message to show the kind of hate he receives on a daily basis.

Check the post below…


Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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