You Must Have Had The Key – BB Naija Pere And Tochi Call Out Nedu Over 3*some Claim Involving Celebrities

Former BB Naija housemate Pere Egbi and influencer Tochi Official have called out Nedu Wazobia after he claimed that he walked into two popular celebrities having 3*some with a politician.

The two gentlemen have hinted Nedu is lying, he has not been hundred percent honest with his claim.

According to Pere, Nedu must have had the hotel room key to be able to walk into those people he claimed were having 3*some.

Tochi added that it’s only those with dirty hands who are always found pointing fingers.

Their submissions question the fact of the matter laid in a discussion by media personality Nedu Wazobia.

Nedu Wasobia recently disclosed that he once walked into two popular influencers or celebrities sleeping with one politician.

He refused to give the names of the people involved but went on to drop another bombshell on how he linked one influencer to a big man.

According to Nebu, the lady was paid 300 million Naira just for her to meet the big man. And later after she had slept with him, she received a whopping $15,000.

He disclosed that is how many of the girls who flaunt wealth on social media live.

But Nedu is being called out for lying to look innocent.

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