You Messed Up My Game – Yemi Cregx Calls Out Ebuka After Surprise Eviction

Yemi Cregx called out BBTitans host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu for messing up his game after they clashed following Sunday’s live eviction show.

Yemi and his partner, Nelisa, were surprisingly evicted from the show Sunday in a shocking moment that left social media reeling.

Installed as one of the favourites for the show, Yemi ended up being evicted in Week 7.

In a chat with Ebuka, Yemi Cregx confirmed what many suspected, that he significantly altered his gameplay after being called out by Ebuka for his playboy ways.

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And Yemi squarely placed the blame for his eviction on Ebuka.

Ebuka asked him if his relationship with Khosi is real and Yemi said it absolutely is.

“Right now it’s real I can say that confidently,”

He also said initially he was completely committed to his playboy persona until Ebuka ‘messed him up’.

“Initially I wasn’t sure about it until you had to mess me up but until that happened I had to make a decision and now it’s serious and we’re even having conversations about linking up outside the house,”

Nelisa was also asked about her relationship with Thabang and she said she would be very interested to see what happens with him and Khosi now that both she and Yemi have been evicted from the show.

Yemi also said he was as shocked as everyone else about his eviction.

“I don’t know what I’m doing here, I should be in there right now,” he said.

Watch Yemi Cregx call out Ebuka below…

Yemi’s eviction was a shocking event on social media as he had been considered one of the frontrunners for Big Brother Titans $100,000 cash prize.

The Nigerian often topped trends on Twitter and was seen as having a loud and robust fan base but they failed to vote to keep him in the house.

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Yemi Cregx and his partner, Nelisa, polled 15.39% of the week’s vote, finishing second bottom ahead of only Juiovla who polled 15.10%.

The housemates remaining in the house as we start Week 8 are Juvonne, Khosicle, Kaniva, the ROYALS, Blaqleng and Thabana.


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