You Can’t Destroy What You Can’t See -Comedian Funnybone On Why He Will Never Bring His Relationship to Social Media

Comedian Funnybone has revealed why he will never bring his relationships to social media.

According to him, bringing a relationship to social media is just calling for it to be destroyed.

Funnybone said ‘you can’t destroy what you can’t see’ – hence why he would never flaunt his love.

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Taking to Instagram, he wrote: “Even with a grenade to my head, I am not doing social media/Instagram love. Never!!!!

“You can’t destroy what you don’t see. Never!!”

It has become a norm these days for celebrities to flaunt their lives all over the gram.

Often bringing your lover out that much exposes them to all sorts of trolls, and even brings out negative information about them that will have never come out if you kept them hidden.

In the end, you can have a break-up due to information brought out about your spouse.

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Posting your relationship on social media would definitely bring out bad juju, Funnybone is completely right here.

Agree or disagree?


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