Why Would 74-Year-Old Man Jump Into Two Little Girls Fight if Not for Kayamata? – Jaruma Throws Hot Pepper on Pa Ned

Jaruma the s*x therapist has fired bullets at Ned Nwoko for being commanded around by Regina Daniels.

According to her, there is no possible reason for such an old man to jump into a fight between two little girls unless he’s being commanded.

According to Jaruma, Ned is being controlled by the Kayamata she sold to Regina Daniels, although Regina denies it.

Jaruma was recently arrested by police in Abuja on the orders of Ned Nwoko.

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Since regaining her freedom she’s been taking shots at Ned.

In a new post, she trolled him for being Regina’s puppet.

“2 little girls are fighting, next thing, BOOM, 74-year-old man entered the fight. Surely, Jaruma’s Kayan mata is working on him,” she fired.

Fans completely agreed with Jaruma as they made fun of Ned Nwoko for being spineless.

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Check Jaruma’s post below…


Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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