Who was Jim Nick? Wausau Insurance Agent Dead Via Suicide

Jim Nick, a popular insurance agent in Wausau, Wisconsin, reportedly took his own life after a battle with depression.

Nick was reportedly suffering from bad health which sent him into depression and culminated in his suicide.

The American family insurance agent is being remembered for his selflessness, generosity, and philanthropy by many who he helped throughout the course of his life and career.

Jim Nick ran the American family insurance business in Wausau from 1985 till his eventual demise.

The AFI encompassed three locations, Wausau, Marathon, and Athens.

He also worked at Nicolet National Bank between 1990 and 2011.

The legacy Jim left is expressed in several posts eulogizing him on social media.

Anne Dreier said: “…He was always the first to donate to Chica’s Rescue’s fundraisers (and always the biggest donor). He was one of my biggest cheerleaders.
But not just me . . . He made sure that people didn’t go without food, that kids could get food at school — and have their laundry done by volunteers because he supplied the washers and dryers,” she said.

Dreier continued: “He never wanted anyone to be embarrassed or humiliated if they had dirty clothes. He contacted Kohl’s and got them to donate hundreds of thousands dollars worth of winter coats to give to kids in need. He was the #1 American Family agent in the region (not sure of the exact details but he was very successful). He was a true legacy,”

Trish Harwig also wrote: “When Scott died, I lost everything. I had no money nor energy to fight but Jim refused to let me lay down and die. It took almost TWO YEARS, but with his help, I found more healing then any shrink could ever give. Then… I bought a bar. I got busy. He’d send daily Facebook messages and memes to make me laugh. We shared short texts. I said I’d come visit him on my days off… but I never did. I was “busy”. Today…he’s gone. He gave SO much to SO MANY OF US. I don’t think any of us he’s helped in hard times have come CLOSE to repaying him,”

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