Who Is White Money’s Father? – Meet Billionaire Father of BB Naija Star Who Abandoned Him As A Child

Who is White Money’s father? This one question has haunted BB Naija fans since the beloved housemate had a chat with some housemates revealing he came from a rich home.

Born Hazel Onou, the chef of BB Naija Season 6, Shine Ya Eye, has made it clear that he is a street hustler.

Yet he comes from a rich home, how can that be?

In several conversations with different housemates in the Big Brother House, White Money has revealed bits and pieces of his background.

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Through that, we can start to build a picture of who his billionaire father is.

What We Know

who is white money's father

White Money was born Hazel Oyeze Onou on the 6th of July, 1992 in Enugu State.

White money says his rich father abandoned him as a child thus was raised by his mother.

His mother used to be a food seller and it is by working with her that he developed his enviable cooking skills which General Pere claims to be a ‘strategy’.

Aside cooking, White Money can barber men’s hair, braid women’s hair, act, sing and is an entrepreneur.

He has already put all these skills on show in Big Brother’s house in one way or another.

Who Is White Money’s Father?

White Money has made it clear that his father is a very rich and influential man in Nigeria.

According to him, the man is a billionaire, although he abandoned him when he was a child.

White Money told Saga in the Big Brother House that if he mentions whoo his father is most of the housemates will now so he keeps it hidden.

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The only one who knows who his father is happens to be Boma because he saw his ID.

The Candidates

Based on White Money’s conversations in the house so far, there are two candidates to be his father.

One name fans are throwing about is CC Onou, the father of Bianca Onou, wife of Ojukwu.

Others say it could be one billionaire known as Onye Eze, a Nigerian based in China, or Ezeego1.


There is no clear answer to the question who is White Money’s father? We know he’s a rich man in the country but unless White comes out to clear the air, the search goes on.

White Money

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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