Who is Ryan Mcelrath? Jackson TN Pastor Arrested for on R*pe Charges

Ryan Mcelrath, a youth pastor with Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson Tn has been arrested on alleged r*pe charges.

According to reports, Mcelrath, 39, was arrested at a residence on Willow Green Drive.

He is accused of s*xual battery by an authority figure, statutory r*pe, and statutory r*pe by an authority figure – forcible r*pe.

He has been released on bond.

McElrath is described as a “high school pastor” by the Fellowship Bible Church. He previously hosted a religion-based podcast with episodes ranging from October 2021 – November 2023.

The podcast’s synopsis states: “Here, at Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson, TN, we are starting our very first Family Podcast in which we are going to create space for families to have great conversations with their kids and have fun at the same time!”

The Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson released the following statement: “Ryan McElrath is no longer employed at Fellowship due to criminal charges filed June 11. Within hours of the allegations, the matter was investigated, Ryan admitted to the violation, and was terminated. The church immediately supported the victim in reporting the allegations to local law enforcement, and notified parents and students. The church is cooperating fully with local authorities, and is engaging an external agency to audit church policies and procedures as well as provide guidance on continued care for the victim and the church. Our priority continues to be the privacy and well-being of the victim, the victim’s family, our students and their parents.

“As a church community we are absolutely devastated by this. And, as a parent, I share in our God’s outrage and grief when the innocent are harmed. We are acting in cooperation with law enforcement in caring for the victim and the victim’s family.” Eugene Brandt, Lead Pastor Fellowship

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