Who is Margot Wood? GoFundMe Set Up for North Olmsted Woman and Son Stabbed by Bionca Ellis

Family and friends of Margot and Jared Wood, a North Olmsted couple who lost their 3-year-old son to a random stabbing attack have set up a GoFundMe fundraiser.

Margot Wood was in the parking lot of a Giant Eagle in North Olmsted after grocery shopping when an unhinged woman, Bionca Ellis, approached her and her 3-year-old son Julian with a knife and stabbed them both.

Margot survived but her son Julian succumbed to his wounds.

In the aftermath of Julian’s death and Margot’s hospital stay, family members of Margot and her husband set up a fundraiser to aid in easing the burden on them brought up by this tragedy.

The fundraiser, set up by Nasja Aude, Margot’s cousin and Julian’s aunt; Dawn Silavent, Margot’s dear friend; and Stephanie Massari, Margot’s dear friend, reads…

On June 3rd, 2024 – Margot (38) and Julian (3) were walking out of the North Olmsted Giant Eagle and they were followed to their car by a random woman. Prior to making her way to Giant Eagle the woman obtained a knife from the Volunteers of America in the same plaza. She then noticed Margot and Julian… While Margot was opening the trunk of her car to put groceries away the woman viciously attacked and stabbed both Margot and Julian. Medical and Emergency services were on site immediately… Margot and Julian were rushed to St. John hospital, but Julian’s injuries were far too extensive and he did not make it.

Our family is overwhelmed with sadness… and overwhelmed with the loving support the community has already provided us. This will be an incredibly long journey to recovery, but truthfully we will never recover – but we will continue to share stories about our beautiful baby boy, his laugh, his cheesy smile, his rambunctious attitude, his love of dinosaurs, his love of school, his obsession with his new baby sister and wrestling his big brother every chance he gets… and all the other beautiful things about that sweet little boy.

Hundreds of people – friends, family, strangers have been reaching out, sending us love and kind words, and asking how they can help the Wood family at this time…if you feel inclined we are asking for donations to help with the cost of funeral arrangements and to cover any time off work…

This is something no person, no family, no mother, no father, no grandmother should ever experience. We urge you all to hold your babies close. This should have never happened.

Please continue your prayers for our family, for Margot, baby Julian, Jared, his grandmother, his brother, and his sister, and pray our family receives some sort of justice.

The fundraiser has raised close to $60,000 out of its initial goal of $10,000.

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