Who is David Daniel Landlord? St Albans Man Stabs Tenants

Who is David Daniel landlord? A St Albans man has been arrested after stabbing two tenants and his girlfriend.

David Daniel Lanlord allegedly stabbed three people in one knifing spree, leaving all reportedly dead.

According to authorities, the victims include two tenants in his home and his girlfriend.

The three victims of David Daniel are two women ages 51 and 55, and a 57-year-old man.

In this article, we breakdown all we have learned so far about the murderous landlord of St Albans, David Daniel.

Who is David Daniel Landlord?

david daniel landlord

David Daniel Landlord is a 54-year-old American man who rose to notoriety after stabbing three people in his St Alban home including his girlfriend and two tenants.

According to reports, the murders involve a rent dispute dating all the way back to the covid years.

It’s not immediately clear why David Daniel Landlord stabbed his own girlfriend as well, although some reports say they were having problems.

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Around 7:16am on November 14th, NYPD were called to 122-39 Milburn Street in St. Albans.

ABC7NY reports that a man walked into the 13th precinct to turn himself in for committing a crime.

He said he was having issues with his tenants and that he had done ‘something bad’.

David Daniel allegedly told police he killed three people and then gave the location and [said] that he left the back door open.

“Earlier this morning, a 54-year-old man walked into the 113th precinct, stating to uniformed police officers that he was having issues with his tenants, the officer inquired further, and the male stated further that he did something bad,” said NYPD Assistant Chief Kevin Williams.

Police say his statements were captured on body camera and were devoid of emotion. A senior police official says the suspect will be charged with murder.

david daniel st albans

Following his confession, police stormed David Daniel’s Queens home where they found his three victims – two tenants and his girlfriend.

Police found the two tenants in a basement bedroom and Daniel’s girlfriend in a bedroom upstairs.

They were all pronounced dead on the scene.

David Daniel landlord is expected to be charged with murder.

According to ABC7news, neighbors told Eyewitness News that the landlord and tenants were courteous but often kept to themselves.

Authorities are still working to identify the victims and charges are pending against the suspect.

David Daniel apparently lived on the main floor of the property. He told police he was having problems with his girlfriend and that his tenants had not been paying rent.

Landlord kills tenant over rent

David Daniel, a Queens landlord is facing murder charges in the stabbing deaths of his two tenants, and girlfriend, in the St. Albans section.

According to police, the 54 year old David Daniel was arrested and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Daniel showed up at the 113th Precinct stationhouse at around 7:15 a.m. and told an officer that he was “having issues” with his tenants, who were late on their rent, according to NYPD officials.

“I did something bad,” he allegedly said.

“At that point, a lieutenant at the desk hears what’s going on, walks over and activates his body-worn camera,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny recounted later Tuesday.

Daniel “said that he killed three people and he gave the location and that he left the backdoor open,” 

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A man and woman, identified as the two tenants, were found in a basement-apartment bedroom, and the second woman, identified as the suspect’s girlfriend, was found in an upstairs bedroom, according to police.

Authorities are still working to identify the victims of David Daniel Landlord.

“He seemed like a calm, nice person,” said a neighbor who only identified herself as Teri.

Another woman who lives in the neighborhood told The Post that her encounters with Daniel were only ever “positive,” saying the few times the two spoke casually he always asked how she was feeling and about her family.

“I’m completely shocked by this. I never heard about any disputes he had with his tenants,” she said.

“He doesn’t seem like that kind of person. He just bottled up his anger really well, but eventually it escaped and now three people are dead.”

Neighbor Felix Smith wondered, “Why would he kill them?

David Daniel Landlord photos

david daniel queens photo

Below are some photos of David Daniel landlord, the suspect who killed two tenants and his girlfriend by stabbing them to death.

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