Who is Aaron Brown Myers? Washington Man Who Shot and Killed Teen With BB Gun

Aaron Brown Myers, an off-duty Washington security guard has been arrested and charged after shooting and killing a 17-year-old returning a BB Gun to a Big 5 sporting goods store.

Aaron Myers, 51, was seated in his car when he witnessed 3 teens walk by his vehicle with what he believed to be a weapon.

He got out of his car and confronted the kids and despite their attempts to explain they did not have real guns, he killed 17-year-old Hazrat Ali Rohani.

According to USA Today, this is what happened…

The 51-year-old security guard told police he thought the teen and his friends were about to rob a store and that he was also worried about the safety of his own 13-year-old son, who was in a jujitsu class next to the sporting goods store.

Brown told police that the teens were ignoring his commands and he thought that one of them was “going to kill him,” according to a Renton Police Department probable cause statement obtained by USA TODAY on Friday.

But surveillance footage refutes much of Brown’s story…

Three teenagers were seen making their way toward the main entrance of the Big 5 store, police say the surveillance footage shows.

The surveillance footage shows Myers approach the teens with a gun in his hand, point it directly at them and then move quickly toward them, police said.

One of the boys pulls a BB gun out of his pocket, lays it on the ground and extends his arms out as if to show he has nothing in his hands, police said in the document.

Myers pushes the boy the ground, straddles him and holds him in place as he points the gun at the 17-year-old, who is standing and brings both arms forward, showing that he has nothing in hands, the footage shows.

The 17-year-old backs away, with his left hand in the air while his right arm “briefly lowers to his waist area,” police said in the document.

“Immediately after … it is clear that he has been shot because he abruptly jerks his body away from Myers and falls to the ground,” the document says.

Based on the footage, the officer writing the document says there was probable cause to arrest Myers on a charge of second-degree murder without premeditation.

The 17-year-old shot and killed was identified as Hazrat Ali Rohani.

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