Who is Aaron Baker Columbus Oh? Naples Plane Crash Survivor

Aaron Baker, 35 years old in Columbus, Ohio, was one of three people who survived the Naples plane crash.

The other two survivors have been identified as Sydney Ann Bosmans, 27, of Jupiter, Florida and Audra Green, 23, also of Columbus, Ohio.

Two fatalities in the crash were identified as the pilot and co-pilot – 50-year-old pilot Edward Daniel Murphy of Oakland Park, Florida and Ian Hofmann, 65, of Pompano Beach, Florida, was the co-pilot.

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In this article, we learn a bit more about the survivors and the victims of the Naples plane crash including Aaron Baker Columbus Oh, Audra Green, Sydney Ann Bosmans and more.

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Who is Aaron Baker Columbus Oh?

aaron baker columbus oh

Aaron Baker, a 35-year-old individual from Columbus, Ohio, was one of three survivors of the Naples plane crash.

Baker survived alongside Sydney Ann Bosmans, a 27-year-old crew member from Jupiter, Florida and Audra Green, a 23-year-old individual, also from Columbus, Ohio.

These brave survivors managed to escape the wreckage after the plane crash, showcasing their resilience during such a traumatic event.

According to LinkedIn, Aaron Baker Columbus Oh is the principal owner of New Wave Energy Management.

On Friday, February 9, 2024, the Naples plane crash occurred when a small plane attempted an emergency landing on Interstate 75 (I-75) in southwest Florida, near the Pine Ridge Road exit in Collier County.

The plane collided with a vehicle on the highway, resulting in a massive plume of black smoke rising into the air.

Tragically, two people lost their lives in this incident.

Below are the key details of the Naples plane crash involving Aaron Baker Columbus Oh and other victims.

The plane was identified as a Bombardier Challenger 600 jet which had taken off from an airport at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, around 1 p.m., and was scheduled to land in Naples around the time of the crash.

The plane was being handled by the pilot, Edward Daniel Murphy and his co-pilot, Ian Frederick Hoffman.

Aside those two, it had three other people on board.

During its flight, the pilot contacted the tower, requesting an emergency landing due to engine failure.

Despite being cleared to land on a runway, the pilot reported, “We’re not going to make the runway. We’ve lost both engines.”

The plane subsequently crashed onto the highway but in an unexpected miracle, three of the five people on board were rescued from the wreckage.

The two fatalities from the crash were identified as follows – Pilot Edward Daniel Murphy, aged 50 and Second in Command (Co-pilot) Ian Frederick Hofmann, aged 65.

ian frederick hoffman
ian frederick hoffman

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The plane belonged to Hop-a-Jet Worldwide Charter, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Co-pilot Ian Hoffman’s family presented a statement to the press saying: “His last moments, calmly speaking with ATC as he tried to save the passengers and crew in the face of a desperate emergency of losing both engines at low altitude, is how we will always remember him,” the family told Fox 4 in a statement.

“The family is in shock and devastated but want to express our thanks for the heartfelt support we have received,” the family said in a statement to Fox 4.

“We know our father died a hero doing his best to save everyone he could on the plane. We ask for prayers during this difficult time.”

Aaron Baker Columbus Oh and his two co-survivors were spotted escaping the wreckage of the crash in video that has surfaced online.

Ian Hoffman Gofundme

ian hoffman gofundme

The family of the co-pilot in the Naples plane crash, Ian Hoffman, started a Gofundme to raise money to cover costs.

The Naples plane crash killed Hoffman and his pilot, but Aaron Baker Columbus Oh and two others managed to survive.

The Gofundme reads…

“This page is to remember my father, Ian Hofmann who was the pilot for the Bombardier Challenger Jet that crashed in Naples. He did not survive.

“His last moments, calmly speaking with ATC as he tried to save the passengers and crew in the face of a desperate emergency of losing both engines at low altitude, is how we will always remember him. The ultimate professional pilot with over 40 years and 25,000 hours of experience at Piedmont, USAirways, Virgin America, and Hopajet.

“A loving father and family man who was charismatic and beloved. Survived by his wife Christina, former wife Joan Mathis, and children Grant, Chris, Reed, and Grace

“We ask you keep us in your prayers and the other pilot and 3 survivors.

“Thank you so much for the comments you are leaving here and sending to me privately. It means the world to hear both from strangers, and his extended work family at the airlines he flew with as far back as the 1980s, 90s and 2000s.

“It is special you remembered Ian. Many of your names are familiar to me even if i have not heard them mentioned in many years. He was so outgoing and had so many great stories to tell when he would return from his trips. Of course he would also bring us back little gifts and candies sometimes. Some of his favorite years were at USAirways when he used to fly the European routes.

“One time he brought back a koo koo clock from Germany for Christmas. I still don’t know how he fit it in his small suitcase,”

The Gofundme, started by son Chris Hoffman, has raised over $11,000 out of a $15,000 goal.

How Aaron Baker Columbus Oh and co-survivors likely survived Naples plane crash

Sydney Ann Bosmans, 23, of Jupiter, Florida; and passengers Aaron Baker, 35, and Audra Green, 23, both of Columbus, Oh

The three survivors’ escape from the Naples plane crash was nothing short of a harrowing ordeal.

As the Bombardier Challenger 600 jet lost both engines and faced imminent disaster, their quick thinking and resourcefulness played a crucial role in their survival.

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Here’s how Aaron Baker Columbus Oh and two others managed to escape a plane crash…

Seat Belts Unbuckled: Despite the chaos and impact, the survivors unbuckled their seat belts promptly. This allowed them to move freely within the confined space of the wreckage.

Emergency Exit: The plane’s emergency exit doors were likely their primary escape route. These doors are designed for swift evacuation during critical situations. The survivors would have located the nearest exit and forced it open.

Assessment of Surroundings: Once outside the plane, they assessed their surroundings. The crash occurred on Interstate 75, a busy highway. The survivors had to navigate through the wreckage and avoid any hazards like fire or leaking fuel.

Assistance from Bystanders: Passersby on the highway witnessed the crash and rushed to help. They assisted the survivors in moving away from the wreckage and provided first aid if needed.

First Responders: Emergency responders arrived swiftly. Firefighters, paramedics, and police officers worked together to stabilize the situation. They provided medical attention to the survivors and ensured their safety.

Shock and Adrenaline: Survivors often experience a surge of adrenaline during such traumatic events. This adrenaline can temporarily mask pain and allow them to focus on escaping. However, it’s essential to address any injuries promptly once the initial shock wears off.

Communication: The survivors likely communicated with each other and with rescuers. They informed responders about the number of people on board, the condition of the pilot and co-pilot, and any other relevant details.

Emotional Resilience: Surviving a plane crash is not only physical but also emotionally challenging. The survivors leaned on each other for support, coping with shock, fear, and relief.


Aaron Baker and Audra Green, both survivors of the Naples plane crash, hailed from Columbus, Oh.

Columbus is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Ohio. With a 2020 census population of 905,748, it is the 14th-most populous city in the U.S., the second-most populous city in the Midwest after Chicago, and the third-most populous U.S. state capital after Phoenix, Arizona and Austin, Texas.

Columbus is the county seat of Franklin County; it also extends into Delaware and Fairfield counties.

It is the core city of the Columbus metropolitan area, which encompasses ten counties in central Ohio.

It had a population of 2,138,926 in 2020, making it the largest metropolitan area entirely in Ohio and 32nd-largest metro area in the U.S.

Columbus originated as numerous Native American settlements on the banks of the Scioto River. Franklinton, now a city neighborhood, was the first European settlement, laid out in 1797.

The city was founded in 1812 at the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy rivers, and laid out to become the state capital.

The city was named for Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.

The city assumed the function of state capital in 1816 and county seat in 1824. Amid steady years of growth and industrialization, the city has experienced numerous floods and recessions.

Beginning in the 1950s, Columbus began to experience significant growth; it became the largest city in Ohio in land and population by the early 1990s.

Growth has continued in the 21st century, with redevelopment occurring in numerous city neighborhoods, including Downtown.

The city has a diverse economy based on education, government, insurance, banking, defense, aviation, food, clothes, logistics, steel, energy, medical research, health care, hospitality, retail and technology.

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