Whitemoney Displays Another Talent as He Expertly Rides A Motorbike – Fans Shower Him with Appellations – Video

BB Naija Whitemoney has once again wowed fans with his multitalented nature.

The Shina Ya Eye season winner won hearts during his time on the show with his culinary skills.

However, Whitemoney proved to be very multitalented as he could do almost everything else.

His skills included barbering or braiding hair, comedy, acting etc.

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It seems that whatever pops up, Whitemoney is able to take part and show his talents.

Once again, Whitemoney has shown how multitalented he is.

In a new video posted online, the reality tv star was seen expertly riding a motorbike.

He had mentioned previously that he’s an expert bike rider and he proved it easily.

Fans showered him with praise for once again showing his talents.

Those around whilst he was riding showered him with all appellations whilst online comments were also positive.

One fan wrote: “This guy don ride bike taya he get bike skills,”

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It’s hard to disagree.

Watch the video below…

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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