Which Better School Operate for UK In Winter? – Bitter Bobrisky Shades James Brown after Claiming He’s Studying in London

Somebody is feeling bitter! Bobrisky has thrown shade at James Brown after his rival revealed he’s studying in London.

Recently, the ‘Princess of Africow’ James Brown took a trip to London and used it to stress Nigerians with numerous videos and photos.

However, James has now explained that he’s in London to study to better his life.

Sharing a video of himself in the classroom, he wrote: “What a beautiful gift I gave myself this year by sponsoring myself to study in a university in UK.

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“I never stopped dreaming of the impossible because earlier this year I made the decision to support myself through university and I was faced with one of the biggest obstacles in my life,” James added.


The news has shocked many, Bobrisky included.

The crossdresser has been fuming recently as James took all the spotlight since travelling to London.

Adding that he’s studying caused even more attention to come on James and Bob cannot handle it anymore.

Taking to Instagram, he released a video taking shots at Brown.

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According to him, no proper university operates in the winter in the UK, which is just flat out wrong.

The Princess of Africow has made Okuneye desperate and it’s not looking good for Bob risky.

Watch Bob attack James in the video below…


Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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