What’s the Guarantee that Heaven is Real? – Tonto Dikeh Asks as She Questions Existence of God

Actress Tonto Dikeh is getting dangerously close to losing belief in God as she questions him over her stepmom’s death.

According to her, she is now questioning God and it’s ok because she was created in his image.

Tonto Dikeh took to Instagram early today to post the dangerous thoughts which are swirling all through her head.

She said it’s ok to lose faith in God and anyone who has a problem with it should unfollow her.

“It is ok to lose your trust and love for God!! It is ok to question God, it is ok to stop believing,” she wrote.

Tonto went on to ask that heaven might not even be real after all and we are all wasting our time.

“I have seen more unbelievers enjoy earth than my Christian brethren. What’s the guarantee that heaven is real?” she added.

Tonto admitted that these are dangerous thoughts but that’s how she’s feeling.

Recall that following the painful loss of her stepmother, Tonto Dikeh vowed to never forgive God for her death.

The pain she felt over her stepmother’s death was very raw and painful and since then, she’s been airing more of such thoughts.

It remains to be seen where she would end up but for now, Tonto Dikeh and God are on the verge of a breakup!

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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