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Video – Moment ‘Mumu’ Saga Told Nini That His Fight with her Is A Prank from Big Brother

Things are blowing up in the Big Brother House so you’re at the right place if you’re searching for the Saga Nini prank video

Saga does not disappoint!

The BB Naija housemate has told his ‘girlfriend’ Nini that his fight with her recently was a task from Big Brother!

Talk about being a ‘mumu’.

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Big Brother had earlier given Saga a task to fight with Nini and ignore her till his next diary session.

Saga started executing the task but after Nini got annoyed with his actions, he couldn’t stand it anymore and confessed, even though Big Brother had warned him not to say anything to Nini.

In other words, he has miserably failed his task.

It’s time to see what punishment, if any, Big Brother would give him for failing.

If you want to see the exact moment it happened, we have the Saga Nini prank video below.

Watch the moment Saga confessed to Nini below…


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