US Attorneys Office Swiftly Responds to Reports of Hushpuppi Committing Fraud from Jail

The US Attorneys’ office in Los Angeles has swiftly responded to and debunked trending news reports that Hushpuppi has committed more fraud from jail.

An e-mail from the office, sent to PREMIUM TIMES, denied any knowledge of the circulating document detailing his crimes.

According to the office, the reported news is fake.

“After looking at the document excerpted in recent media accounts, the document appears to have been fabricated,” a spokesperson for the office said.

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As reported earlier, a circulating document alleged Hushpuppi had been involved in a new fraud scheme from jail.

us attorneys office hushpuppi

According to the document, he had managed to defraud the U.S government out of over $400,000.

He’s alleged to have stolen personal details of citizens and used them to apply for, and receive, government stimulus checks.

The news quickly went viral.

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However, Mr Mrozek, spokesperson for the U.S Attorney-General’s office in Los Angeles has debunked the news.


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