Two Nigerians Arrested In Gambia For Using ‘Black Magic To Snatch Married Man’s P*nis’

Two Nigerians in Gambia were arrested Sunday, January 29th 2023 for allegedly using black magic to snatch the p*nis of a married man, Gambia media reported.

Whatson Gambia reports the arrests were carried out on suspicion that the two Nigerians had gone on a p*nis snatching spree.

A young woman who allegedly witnessed the incident disclosed to the publication: “They snatched three pen*ses in Salagi. The eldest victim is a married man with three children.”

According to her, the victims’ genitals immediately disappeared after shaking hands with the alleged p*nis thieves, who were later cornered and beaten up by an angry mob.

The police came and took them away,” said the young woman.

However, Whatson Gambia later said the two Nigerians denied being involved in a video apparently available to the publication.

But in a video seen by What’s On-Gambia, one of the Nigerians denied stealing the p*nises, saying: “I do not know anything about what happened. Why should I accept what I did not do?,” the publications wrote.

The two suspects were expected to be released Wednesday, February 1st 2023 – in accordance with Gambian law in which suspects cannot be held 72 house after their arrest without charge.


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