Trouble Brews as Bobrisky Is Exposed for Setting Up Mompha And Showing Fake Love in Public – Details

Bobrisky has been showing a lot of love to Mompha ever since his arrest but fans smell something fishy about it.

According to some suspicious netizens, Bobrisky probably had a hand in Mompha’s arrest.

Bob is being accused of setting up his ‘buddy’!

Remember, before Mompha’s issues started, he had a strong beef brewing with Bobrisky.

The two were at loggerheads over some allegations Bobrisky’s former personal assistant, Oye Kyme, had made.

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Oye claimed that Mompha and Bob were gay partners!

The staunch Muslim and married man was furious and called on Bobrisky to deny the allegations many times to no avail.

He eventually got fed up and sued the crossdresser for 1bn Naira.

Bob immediately came to his senses and apologised to Mompha for all the slander he had suffered.

Not long after, Mompha was arrested by the EFCC.

Bobrisky went to see him whilst he was detained and has been showing him a lot of love online.

However, people say he’s going overboard to show pubic support because he actually set Mompha up behind the scenes.

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After Bob’s latest nauseating public display of support, one fan reacted: “Don’t surprise Bob set him up and is doing this to remove suspicion from him/her side,”

Check out Bob’s post below and let’s hear your reaction…


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