Tonto Will Never Know Peace – Janemena’s Backers React to Kpokpogri Tape

Tonto Dikeh has never known peace and will never know peace, an avid supporter of Janemena has declared.

According to the fan, what Tonto Dikeh has done to Janemena is why she will never know peace in life.

Janemena’s marriage was thrown into turmoil over the weekend after an audio tape of Prince Kpokpogri was released.

The ex-lover of Tonto Dikeh said he has s* marathons with Jane where they sleep together the whole day.

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Kpokpogri claimed that Jane tells him during their time together that her own husband cannot satisfy her like he does.

The released audiotapes confirmed an accusation from Tonto Dikeh that Jane was having an affair with Kpokpogri.

When Tonto and Kpokpogri’s relationship was crashing, Tonto accused the politician of recording her when they were together and using the videos to blackmail her.

She also let it slip that he has similar tapes of the married Janemena.

Jane came out angrily to blast Tonto Dikeh and sued her for a huge sum of money.

She also dared Tonto Dikeh to release any alleged tapes she has because her accusation is false.

Prince Kpokpogri also came out to debunk the allegation and said he would never sleep with a married woman because it’s a taboo to do so where he comes from!

He rendered a sincere and heartfelt apology to Jane’s husband for the misunderstanding.

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Alas, all their bluffing has turned out to be fake after the audio was released and Tonto was proven right.

Prince has now deleteted his apology whilst Jane has gone into hiding.

It is up to fans to defend her as one of them cursed Tonto that she will never be happy!

“That thing Tonto did to Jane is why the Tonto herself hasn’t found peace. She’s not a good person at all…” the fan wrote.

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