Thomas Davidson Abue-Anoh – Nigerian Pastor Brutally Beats His Pregnant Wife to Miscarriage

Thomas Davidson Abue-Anoh, a Nigerian pastor has been exposed for brutally assaulting his wife so badly when pregnant, she miscarried twins.

The pastor allegedly beats his wife, Precious Isaac Thomas in abusive fashion.

Thomas Davidson Abue-Anoh wife

Instablogger Cutie Juls exposed the pastor following the shocking news of the death of gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu.

Osinachi died after being abused multiple times by her husband without complaint.

According to Cutie Juls, she cannot watch another innocent lady beaten to death and decided to expose Pastor Thomas Davidson Abue-Anoh.

Cutie claims pastor Thomas subjects wife Precious to daily abuse.

He allegedly beat her up mercilessly when she was pregnant with twins until she lost the babies.

Thomas Davidson Abue-Anoh

Cutie revealed: “Another monster of a pastor who has subjected his wife to daily physical abuse. He beat this woman last month and she lost a twin pregnancy which almost took her life. 

“Unfortunately the woman is still in the house cuz the pastor has refused to allow her work so no income.” 

The blogger advised the maltreated wife to move out of the pastor’s house before she dies like Osinachi.

“My own is, I have advised she moves out and go back to her parent’s house for the meantime until she is able to raise money for new accommodation. But I learnt her parent’s house has been demolished. Hmm,”

Thomas Davidson Abue-Anoh wife

After Cutie’s publication, Thomas Davidson Abue-Anoh’s wife, Precious Thomas spoke out to defend her husband on Facebook.

Precious Isaac Thomas

She begged for the blog to take down the publication since it was making her life hell.

It seems to suggest there is an element of truth to the story.

“I’m the wife please I don’t want trouble. It has not gotten to this level pls for the sake of my sanity let the blogger stop dragging him. Plssss,” she begged. 

After a social media user promised to fight for her, she begged for everyone to stop talking about her issue. 

“You people should stop this I beg in the name of God. I don’t know who posted that thing on that blog pls for posterity sake let that blogger bring that stuff down. Plssss!!!” she desperately begged. 

Cutie Juls gave more clarity in a later post: “I made people call Precious, Precious says Thomas is usually not violent and that he is going through a lot and that’s why he has been ‘a little shouting and slapping her a few times'”

That sounds like it might lead to another death if action is not taken against Thomas Davidson Abue-Anoh.


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