This Is Fixed! Where Did Whitemoney See All that Vote to Gap Liquorose? – Disappointed Fan Cries

A disappointed fan of Liquorose has cried that the BB Naija show is fixed and that Witemoney did not deserve to win!

The fan took to social media to complain over the finale held Sunday night, in which Whitemoney emerged as the ultimate victor.

According to vote totals released by organizers, Whitemoney comfortably won by gaining about 47% of the public votes, more than double Liquorose’s total of 22%.

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This is what caused this fan to express shock and claim that the show is fixed.

Taking to social media, the person wrote: “Make we no lie, you people want to say Biggie doesn’t know his winner b4 today? Where did Whitemoney see all that vote to gap Liquorose that has a large following before she came into the house,”

Can we answer? Whitemoney has been the clear fan favourite all along and we don’t think there ever was a doubt that he would be the overall winner.

He also had many big celebrities behind him who organised their fans to vote in blocs for him.

There is nothing surprising about this win!!

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Let’s just chalk it up to a fan feeling bitter their favourite lost!


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