The Whole Industry hates Me – Angry Davido Unfollows Wizkid and 2Baba

Davido unfollows Wizkid! OBO has angrily unfollowed fellow top stars Wikid and 2Baba for not showing his World Cup performance any love.

Davido unfollowed both icons on Instagram amidst anger over being snubbed by his fellow stars.

The singer performed at the World Cup draw Friday, April 1st 2022 in Qatar.

He’s reportedly angry that his big win was not celebrated by other artistes in the industry.

Davido’s fans say Big Wiz would have been wildly celebrated if he had that accolade.

davido unfollows wizkid

Davido himself expressed anger over being shunned by the industry.

“ME vs THE INDUSTRY !!! I LOVE IT !!” he tweeted.

His fans expressed the same sentiments.

“The Nigerian music industry is against Davido, no artist posted about Davido’s FIFA song, but if it was the other guy, everyone’s account will be tw*rking for him. 

“Not his fault he was born rich,” the fan wrote.

Davido Unfollows Wizkid

Davido agreed with these sentiments and took action to show his displeasure.

He has unfollowed the other guy, Wizkid, and 2Baba as well for not showing him any love despite his accomplishment!

It’s David against the industry indeed.


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