The Tiwa Tape Is Finally Out – Check Tiwa’s Reaction Plus How Nigerians Reacted

Tiwa Savage is trending Number One everywhere you look after her tape she warned everyone about was finally released.

A couple of weeks ago, the veteran singer announced out of the blue that someone was trying to blackmail her with her alleged n*de video.

Tiwa admitted the video exists but said she would never succumb to being blackmailed.

She made it clear that she would not satisfy the blackmailer’s demands and he can go ahead and do his worst.

In the late hours of Monday, October 18th, 2021, the tape was released and hit the web.

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It immediately catapulted Tiwa Savage to the top of the trending charts on Twitter, Facebook, and wherever you could think of.

Being a family-friendly website, would not share the tape.

However, read on below to check how Nigerians, and Tiwa Savage herself, have reacted to the released tape.

Tiwa Savage responds to leaked s*x tape

According to Tiwa Savage, this is nothing for her because she is crazy herself and could have released such a tape.

Prior to its release, she said: “No part of me wants to pay the person. That is what is getting me angry. If you want to put it out, put it out. I am that crazy that I can put it out myself. You are not making any money from me. This was an intimate moment with someone I am dating…”

She mocked the blackmailer for being mad that they did not have power over her.

She said following the tape being released: “You hated how I was able to control the narrative and get ahead of a story before it consumed me and how I’m able to joke on stage about something you thought should destroy me and make me feel ashamed.”

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It is safe to say Tiwa is not bothered by the tape being out there one bit.

How Nigerians reacted

Social media has literally been on fire since this tape was released.

Check some of the responses below…


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